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        Shey Dinayen's Cv
        Note by Shey Edward Dinayen, 2015
        Categories: VI Work Program

        My work experience of more than 20 years has been in human resources management, administration, rural development, human rights, gender issues, good governance, small and medium size enterprise development, legal advisory services, humanitarian services, staff recruitment, counseling, teaching/training/ research/ consultancy and electoral observation and supervision peace building and conflict resolution/ analysis. This has been done in the civil service of my country of Cameroon, and in some international organizations including the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Arusha, Tanzania, The Community Humanitarian Emergency Board International based in Cameroon and the Central African Republic, the Pan-African Institute for Development, West Africa, The Carter Center, South Sudan. I have been working for several years at senior management level. I am currently a PhD Law student of International Human Rights with a focus on the Human Rights of the Victims of International Conflict. This has entailed a lot of working together as a team with others as senior staff, colleagues, collaborators and junior staff. We have on several occasions planned as a team .This has given me the opportunity of listening to the ideas of others, contributing convincingly, correcting my own view points when and where it is necessary. In some cases I have had to plan work for those under me or planned with them in order to enable them learn to work in my absence and in order to ensure succession in the organization. Sometimes I have delegated authority, thereby training as a mentor for future leadership. I would like to have these skills further improved for more efficiency and effectiveness in my country and other places where my services would subsequently be needed. Shey Edward dinayen