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        4° Turn Down the Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience
        Report by World Bank, Potsdam Institute, 2013, 254 pages
        Categories: Trade and Environment

        The report outlines the alarming scenario for the years ahead. It focuses on the risks of climate change to development in Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and South Asia and their climate change impacts on agricultural production, water resources, coastal zone fisheries, and coastal safety.

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        15 Years of the Information Technology Agreement: Trade, Innovation and Global Production Networks
        Report by WTO, 2012, 112 pages
        Categories: Science and Technology, WTO Issues/Multilateral Trading System

        This publication charts the history of the WTO Information Technology Agreement and the effect it has had on the global trade in information technology (IT) products. Details of the latest trends in IT trade and discussions on the future of the ITA make this publication a useful source of information for government officials and policy-makers as well as academics, students and all those involved in the IT sector.

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        20 Years of Biotrade: Connecting People, the Planet and Markets (English)
        Report by Jaramillo Castro, Lorena/UNCTAD, 2016, 96 pages
        Categories: Globalization and Development Strategies

        This publication gives a brief overview of the work done by UNCTAD on BioTrade and the BioTrade Initiative since 1996. The BioTrade Initiative, which includes over 20 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, has been promoting trade and investment in biological resources to further sustainable development and aid in poverty alleviation.

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        2004 Development and Globalization: Facts and Figures (English)
        Report by UNCTAD/GDS Division, 2004, 119 pages
        Categories: Commodities, Finance for Development, Trade Policy Analysis and Trade Data Sources

        This publication provides data on major economic trends in developing countries: finance and debt, international trade in commodities and manufactures, investment, information and communication technology.

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        The 2008 Food Price Crisis: Rethinking Food Security Policies (English)
        Discussion paper by Mittal, Anuradha/UNCTAD, 2009, 40 pages
        Categories: Commodities, Trade and Environment

        This paper examines the 2008 global food price crisis, identifying long- and short-term causes as well as the two factors which distinguish the 2008 food price increases from earlier episodes – speculation and diversion of food crops to biofuels. The paper contends that while most attention has been focused on factors including higher energy costs, decline in growth of agricultural production and increased demand from emerging economies, it is essential to examine the structural causes of growing food insecurity to understand what is really behind the food price crisis. It then explores the impact of several factors including systemic decline in investment in agricultural productivity; state’s reduced regulatory role in agricultural production and trade; indiscriminate opening of agricultural markets which has resulted in import surges, and emphasis on cash crops, on food security of developing nations. The\\n paper also examines both national and international responses to the crisis and goes on to propose several short-term and long-term measures to address the crisis. The implementation of the proposed policies, the paper argues, however depends on several prerequisites based on the principle of food sovereignty which would allow policy space for developing countries to protect their agriculture, markets, and livelihoods of farmers.