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The materials developed for Vi online courses are only available to course participants. However, the opportunities below,  developed by UNCTAD, Vi partners and other institutions, may be of interest to academics and researchers on trade and development.
Title Created Date Author Hits
UNCTAD GDS Training Package on Sovereign Asset Liability Management 30 December 2015 Kristine Fitzpatrick Hits: 3302
Free online courses on economics, finance, business and more 16 October 2012 System Administrator Hits: 13725
Teaching tools - A digital handbook for academic lecturers 21 April 2011 Sebastian Dullien and Jan Priewe, HTW Berlin Hits: 7306
UNCTAD GDS Training Package on Debt Sustainability Analysis 28 January 2008 UNCTAD Globalization and Development Strategies Hits: 14056