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The tenth annual Virtual Institute study tour for students of the Master's programme in International Trade Policy of core member, the University of the West Indies, gathered 12 students from six countries(*) in Geneva May 12-23, for a two-week training programme covering international trade issues of relevance to the Caribbean region.

The two-week programme included 24 sessions on trade and development topics delivered by experts from UNCTAD and other international organizations. UNCTAD experts introduced the students to the organization's work, and held discussions on foreign direct investment; competition policy; global value chains; technology and innovation; transport and trade facilitation; and food security and international trade.

Monday, May 12
Tuesday, May 13
Wednesday, May 14
  •  Noncommunicable diseases, Godfrey Xuerub, Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health , WHO
  • Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and trade issues, Ulrike Schwerdtfeger and Karlie Brown, WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, WHO
Thursday, May 15

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Impact of Green Box Subsidies on Productivity,Production, and International Trade, Rashmi Banga, Division of Africa, LDCs and Special programs, UNCTAD

Implications of Bali Decision on Public Stockholding for food security purposes, Panos Konandreas, Independent Consultant

Friday, May 16
  • Introduction to ACWL’s activities and discussion, Alejandro Sanchez, Counsel, ACWL
  • Briefing about the CSSO activities, Stephen Fevrier, Trade Adviser, Economic Affairs Division, CSSO
Monday, May 19
Tuesday, May 20
Wednesday, May 21
  • Overview of ITC and its market research and analysis services &Trade Map, Pitchaya Eam-On, Associate Market Analyst, ITC
  • New Market Access Map, Laetitia Rinderknecht, Associate Market Analyst, ITC
  • Standards Map, Sandra Cabrera, Trade for Sustainable Development, ITC
Thursday, May 22

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