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alt The 11th Virtual Institute study tour for students of the Master's programme in International Trade Policy of core member, the University of the West Indies, took place May 11-22. Eighteen students from seven countries(*) participated in  24 sessions on trade and development topics delivered by experts from UNCTAD and other international organizations based in Geneva.

UNCTAD experts introduced the students to the organization's work, and held discussions on foreign direct investment (FDI); competition policy; technology and innovation; trade facilitation; and food security. 


Monday, May 11
Tuesday, May 12
Wednesday,  May 13
Thursday, May 14

National Holiday 

Friday, May 15

Group presentations 

  • The Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Marine Resources (MAFM)
  • Ministry of Industry and Enterprise Development(MIED)
  • The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology(MEST)
  • The Ministry of Finance (MOF 
Monday, May 18
Tuesday, May 19
  • Doha Negotiations and State of Play, Josep Bosch, Information and External Relations Division
  • Role and treatment of small and vulnerable economies, Hans-Peter Werner, Development Division
  • WTO Staff Member Perspectives plus Dispute Settlement, Claude Chase, Appellate Body Secretariat
Wednesday,  May 20
Thursday, May 21
  •  Meeting with regional ambassadors: Challenges & experiences of Caribbean states in Geneva
Friday, May 22
  • Introduction to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and its Activities, Ms. Martha Chikowore, Training Officer, Academic Institutions Program, WIPO Academy
  • Intellectual Property and Economic Development, Mr. Julio Raffo, Senior Economic Officer, Economics Section, Economics and Statistics Division, WIPO
  • The Protection of Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications and their Role in Trade and Commerce, Mr. Tshimanga Kongolo, Head, Professional Development Program, WIPO Academy
  • The Protection of Copyright and Related Rights and Their Role in Trade and Commerce, Mr. Paolo Lanteri, Legal Officer, Copyright Law Division, Culture and Creative Industries Sector, WIPO
  • WIPO’s Cooperation for Development Programs in the Caribbean region, Ms. Carol Simpson, Head, Caribbean Unit, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, Development Sector, WIPO
  • NCDs, Regine Guthold, Technical Officer NCDs
  • Tobacco and Trade, Benn McGrady, Technical Officer, TFI