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Developed by Russia's St. Petersburg State University, in cooperation with the Virtual Institute and the WTO Academic Network, in the framework of the WTO Chairs Programme, this publication contains 17 case studies and working papers highlighting topics such as dispute settlement mechanisms, regional integration, and foreign direct investment.


  1. Economic Integration and Trade Flows in MERCOSUR, Alexandra G. Koval, St. Petersburg State University
  2. Mexico and Dispute Settlement: WTO versus NAFTA, Alexandra G. Koval, St. Petersburg State University
  3. Dispute Resolution in Ukraine, Emilio F. Riccio, Chair, Society of International Logistics and Operations
  4. Russian-Finnish “Raw Wood Dispute”: Tactic necessity versus strategic neighbourliness, Nikita E. Lisitsyn, St. Petersburg State University
  5. Liberalization of air Transportation Industry in the European Union: New opportunities for traveling and some lessons for Russia, Alexander I. Pogorletskiy, St. Petersburg State University
  6. Could a customs union help Russia  join the WTO?, Sergey F. Sutyrin, St. Petersburg State University
  7. “Rolekas?”, Sergey F. Sutyrin, St. Petersburg State University
  8. Foreign investments in Russia: The case of Segezhabumprom - AssiDoman, Olga Y. Trofimenko, St. Petersburg State University
  9. Olympia’s Preferential Tatiff Quotas, Olga Y. Trofimenko, St. Petersburg State University
  10. Services in the System of International Trade: The example of health-related services, Maryana A. Gubina, St. Petersburg State University
  11. Integrating Bosnia and Herzegovina into the International Trading System, Snježana Brkić, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  12. Consequences of Russia’s Accession to the WTO for the Electricity Sector: Estimations on basis of expert information, Nikolay V. Hovanov, Maria S. Yudaeva, St. Petersburg State University
  13. Medvedev’s "Fourteen Points”: Russia’s proposal for a new European security architecture, Nikita A. Lomagin, St. Petersburg State University
  14. Flexibilities for Developing Countries in the Doha Round as “À La Carte” Special and Differential Treatment, Juliana Peixoto Batista, FLACSO, Argentina
  15. West versus East, Zoya S. Podoba, St. Petersburg State University
  16. Turkey in the World Trading System and the WTO: Activism under global challenges and the EU process, Sait Akman, Marmara University, Turkey
  17. The Problem of Food Security in Iran during the Period 1990 – 2010, Nikolay A. Kozhanov, The Institute of the Middle East, Russia