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Paul WessendorpThe challenge of investment promotion in the face of the financial crisis was the focus of this short-course for Geneva-based diplomats.

Paul Wessendorp, Chief of the Investment Facilitation Section, Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE), presented an overview of global foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, along with strategies that governments, especially diplomats in foreign offices, can adopt to minimize the impact of the crisis on FDI flows.

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altBut iIn order to develop strategies to make your country financially attractive, it is vital to understand the investor's point of view, said Programme Officer Natalia Guerra. also of UNCTAD's DIAE.

In the first part of her presentation, she explains the concept of investor targeting, and runs through each stage of the decision-making process from the investors perspective.

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To illustrate the efficacy of this approach, in the second part of her presentation, Guerra presented a successful case study of an investment promotion strategy developed in Peru.

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