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alt"Technology is knowledge, (not) ... a lump of machinery," said UNCTAD expert, Kathryn Stokes, during a recent course for Geneva diplomats. "Technology is knowledge embedded in a product."

With technology accounting for half of the GDP growth of developed countries, and 60 percent of the difference in income levels between developed nations and sub-Saharan African countries, Stokes takes a look at national and international efforts to brige the technology gap.

This two-part multimedia presentation gives a comprehensive view of the topic: measuring technological development; the international perspective on facilitating and regulating technology flows at the global level (in terms of markets, investment, intellectual property rights, as well as standards and regulations); and end-user and national perspectives. Stokes also looks at transfer of technology models and innovation systems, as well as policy implications at the national and international leves.

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The second part of the presentation is based on specific questions -- on topics ranging from commercialization of technology to sustainable development and regional integration -- brought to the floor by Geneva-based representatives from India, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United States and China.

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