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"High transport costs and low service levels discourage trade," said UNCTAD Trade Facilitation Chief, Jan Hoffmann. As such, landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) are confronted by particular challenges when it comes to export competitiveness in overseas markets.

In the first part of this multimedia resource, based on a short course for Geneva-based delegates conducted by the Division on Technology and Logistics (DTL), Hoffmann explains the determinants of international transport costs and transport connectivity, and discusses the relationship between trade and transport facilitation and development.

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"Geographical distance doesn't have to be the problem," DTL's Vincent Valentine said as he presented the findings of ongoing research into best practices that enhance LLDC’s access to seaports in neighbouring transit countries.

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The final session, led by Maria Misovicova, also of DTL, presented collaborative approaches for public and private stakeholders in landlocked and transit developing countries.

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