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Although global economic recovery remains fragile, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows began to improve in 2010, after two consecutive years of significant decline. But the outlook is positive for the medium term, according to UNCTAD experts presenting the latest edition of UNCTAD's annual World Investment Report (WIR).

"We expect FDI flows will increase to reach 2008 levels by 2012," said Nicole Moussa, of UNCTAD’s Division on Investment and Enterprise (DIAE).

"In order for the recovery to remain on track, private investments are essential for growth and employment," said DIAE's Astrit Sulstarova, while highlighting the role of transnational corporations. 

This Vi multimedia teaching resource, based on videconference presentations in Spanish and English for universities in Brazil and Russia, discusses the findings of the WIR in terms of trends and outlook for FDI flows, and dedicates special attention to the opportunities -- and responsibilities -- of transnational corporations in the fight against the consequences of climate change.

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