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Over years of international support to LDCs, it is crucial to evaluate all the efforts made, measure the impact and outcomes, and see what has been achieved and what needs to be improved, said Charles Gore, Head of the Research and Policy Analysis Branch of UNCTAD's Division for Africa, LDCs and Special Programmes, during a course for Geneva delegates.

"Despite the strong growth performance in the past decade, the LDCs are still lagging behind other developing countries, Gore said. "Just as there is a too-big-to-fail syndrome, there's a too-small-to-matter syndrome," he said. "There's a tendency for countries which are not regarded as systemically relevant, to be left out."

In the first video of this two-part multimedia teaching resource, Gore takes a look at a new international development architecture for LDCs.

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Gore dedicates this second presentation to the assessment of global and LDC governance, and examines the challenge of improving it at both levels.

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