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Nicole Moussa (pictured, right) and Astrit Sulstarova, of UNCTAD’s Division on Investment and Enterprise, share the findings of the World Investment Report (WIR) 2012 in these Vi multimedia teaching resources filmed during videoconferences with university members in Colombia, Jordan and Morocco.

After outlining global, regional and national foreign direct investment trends, Moussa and Sulstarova trace the continuing shift of FDI inflows from developed to developing countries reported by the WIR back in 2010.

“What is interesting is the number of developing countries that are beginning to rise in the rank of largest FDI recipients,” Sulstarova said. “Out of the six largest FDI recipients, four are developing countries – China, Hong Kong (China), Brazil and Singapore.”

The WIR attributes the shift to a global move of international production and consumption to developing countries.

“Foreign companies are investing in developing countries not only to look for resources and cheap labor,” he said. “(They) are investing in China, Russia or India to serve the domestic market.”

The presentations include an introduction to UNCTAD's "Investment policy framework for sustainable development” (IPFSD), a resource for policymakers to design the national investment policies and international investment agreements that best fit their countries’ development objectives.