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In this multimedia resource, recorded during a videoconference with Vi members in Belarus, Scarlett Fondeur Gil, of UNCTAD's Division on Technology and Logistics, presents the latest edition of the Information Economy Report (IER) 2013.

IER co-author, Fondeur Gil begna by explaining the rationale behind the theme of the report, entitled “The Cloud Economy and Developing Countries.” An emerging trend in the ICT sector, cloud technology has raised a number of questions among policymakers, particularly in terms of regulation. As data flows in the cloud, it can be subject to multiple jurisdictions, which may raise issues of control, effective oversight and audit.

Although the report welcomes the cloud economy, it advises countries to start by making an assessment of their readiness for the cloud and then develop a strategy based on that assessment. 

"Before adopting cloud services, countries need to enhance access to reliable and affordable broadband infrastructure and adopt and enforce appropriate laws and regulations concerning privacy, data protection and cybercrime," she concludes.

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