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In this bilingual Vi multimedia teaching resource, filmed during videoconferences for members in Colombia Brazil and Morocco, UNCTAD's Noelia Garcia Nebra (pictured, left), Mohamed Chiraz Baly (pictured, middle), and Astrit Sulstarova (pictured, right) and Noelia Garcia Nebra outline the findings of the latest World Investment Report.

Despite a general decline in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows in 2014, developing country economies, such as Brazil, Colombia and China, have registered a positive outcome in FDI flows.

"There is an increasing trend in developing economies, which now receive 55 percent of all FDI inflows," Sulstarova said.

The presentations also address the reform of the international investment regime and include essential recommendations to strengthen and regulate investment.

"International investment agreements should not unduly constrain public policymaking,” Garcia Nebra said. 

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