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In this multimedia teaching resource package, filmed during Vi videoconferences for Colombia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNCTAD’s Alfredo Calcagno and Igor Paunovic present the findings of the 2016 Trade and Development Report, subtitled “Structural transformation for inclusive and sustained growth.

The presentations, available in English and Spanish, take stock of developments in the global economy, and present UNCTAD's recommendations to spur dynamic and sustained growth.
 "The current trends in trade and development have severe repercussions on developing economies and their growth prospects," Paunovic said. "There is nothing normal about the slow economic growth," which is resulting in "suffering in developing countries."
”We are seeing a more tenuous relationship between investment and the rate of profit reinvestment, with higher dividend distribution by firms," Calcagno said. ”A higher proportion of investment is directed toward natural resources and energy instead of manufactures, the sector with more productive linkages.”