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UNCTAD's Padmashree Gehl SampathIn this Vi multimedia teaching resource, Padmashree Gehl Sampath, from the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies, discusses findings of the 2015 Technology and Innovation Report (TIR), subtitled "Fostering Innovation Policies for Industrial Development." The presentation was filmed during a videoconference with Vi affiliate member, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

Gehl Sampath examines the importance of science, technology and innovation in developing countries and the benefits of combining this sector with industrial policy. To illustrate the repercussions of policy incoherence, she presents case studies on Nigeria, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

“All three countries have promoted industrial development since the 1960s, but technological learning and STI remained marginal in their developmental plans,” she explained.

The presentation concludes with recommendations that aim at reducing policy redundancies, promote policy effectiveness, and develop a capacity for proper policy evaluation and monitoring for each country.

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