A partnership with academia

Building knowledge for trade and development


Cooperation within the network has generated regional research projects and workshops in Latin America, as well as studies and teaching materials developed between academics in Jordan and Egypt, Viet Nam and Colombia, China and Senegal, and India and the Russian Federation.
Joint projects also benefited many institutions in the South, as members from Germany, Spain and Switzerland found partners in the Vi network for capacity-building projects funded by their government agencies or the European Union.

The cooperation takes several forms:

Joint projects in the area of research and professional development, supported by Vi grants and coaching/peer reviewing

North-South professional development projects

Several such projects are under way between Vi members in developed countries and those in developing and transition countries. They include academic capacity building projects between the Vi members in Spain and Switzerland, and the Vi member in Viet Nam, and a project of the Vi member in Germany involving nine members from developing and transition countries.

In partnership with its Spanish member and the CEDDET Foundation, the Vi has also been offering online courses (in English and Spanish) on legal instruments of international economic relations and regional integration, based on a Vi teaching material, and supporting the virtual network of their alumni, the International Economic Relations Network (IERN).

North-South and South-South teaching

The Vi facilitated and/or financially supported lecturing of academics from Germany and China in Tanzania and Uganda, teaching of graduate courses by academics from Ethiopia and Brazil in Tanzania and Mozambique, respectively, and in-country teaching support between two universities in Kenya. Thanks to contacts established at a Vi network meeting, an academic from Italy also lectured in Belarus.

The possibility to implement joint projects, North-South professional development projects, North-South and South-South teaching depends on the availability of funds from donors or member universities.

Academic brokering

The Vi also helps its members find partners for joint projects, applicants for fellowships, authors of research papers for their conferences, teachers for their courses or students to attend their academic programmes, by disseminating information about these opportunities to other members.
Priority is given to information which offers an incentive to other Vi members (discount of tuition fee, research grant for selected authors, subsidy for the participation in a conference, etc.) over purely promotional postings.