The UNCTAD Virtual Institute (Vi) builds capacity in developing and least developed countries by providing universities and research institutions with tools to enhance their knowledge and expertise in trade, investment and development issues. In cooperation with the Division on Africa and the Least Developed Countries and the Division on International Trade in Goods, Services and Commodities in UNCTAD, the Vi organised a week-long training workshop on the teaching and research of the trade-poverty relationship.

The workshop's objectives were:

  • To familiarise participants with the main concepts and arguments related to the trade-poverty debate
  • To introduce approaches for the analysis of topical research questions related to trade and poverty and to discuss methodological problems, which will also have a broader relevance for issues beyond the scope of this workshop
  • To discuss issues relating to the access, use and interpretation of data
  • To discuss how to identify policy implications, how to link academics with national policy makers; and how to communicate research to policy makers
  • To discuss how to integrate the workshop elements into future teaching and research, including identification of areas for further research on the topic
  • To provide an opportunity for academics to meet, discuss and network with each other on areas of interest to their research and teaching


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Monday 19th November


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